Why YOU need this app --- The Benefits of Spaced Repetition

“In the study of human learning, there is broad evidence that our ability to retain information improves with repeated exposure and decays with delay since last exposure”.

So, what does this mean and how does this make us the best app for memorizing material?

A report on a user study that provides evidence that Spaced Repetition and a specific mnemonic technique enable users to successfully recall multiple strong passwords over time. Remote research participants were asked to memorize 4 Person-Action-Object (PAO) stories where they chose a famous person from a drop-down list and were given machine-generated random action-object pairs. Users were also shown a photo of a scene and asked to imagine the PAO story taking place in the scene (e.g., Bill Gates---swallowing---bike on a beach). Subsequently, they were asked to recall the action-object pairs when prompted with the associated scene-person pairs following a Spaced Repetition schedule over a period of 127+ days. While we evaluated several Spaced Repetition schedules, the best results were obtained when users initially returned after 12 hours and then in 1.5 times increasing intervals: 77% of the participants successfully recalled all 4 stories in 10 tests over a period of 158 days.

These findings yield concrete advice for improving constructions of password management schemes and future user studies, as well as the importance of Study Repetition when trying to memorize password or any memorable material.

Why does this matter to you and your ability to memorize your exam material? Our FlashMe Timer gives you the unique ability to set a custom timer that allows you to receive notifications at spaced repetitions throughout the day of the flash cards you previously created. No other app currently does this. This spaced repetition is proven by science to make memorizing way more effective!

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