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FlashMe Cards is the newest way to study! We are the fastest growing Flashcard app that solves procrastination and available for the iPhone or iPad. Unlike other apps, FlashMe Cards is the first app that allows you to study on the go AND messages you flashcards directly to your phone or tablet throughout the day with questions and answers to your upcoming test, depending on your personalized settings and custom made decks. Break away from traditional methods and excel with this unique feature to help you ace your exams, study more efficiently, and help beat procrastination!

FlashMe Cards Features:

  • Customize the content and timing of when your flash cards personally message you on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Free decks.
  • Study on the go anywhere: School, at work, on the bus, or out with friends and family.
  • Share decks directly with friends and classmates.
  • Master cards by highlighting stars to allow more focus on cards that challenge you.
  • Easy to use for anyone in Elementary School, High School, Trade School, University, and beyond!
  • Memorize faster by adding pictures to the front and back of flash cards.
  • Ability to customize and crop pictures to fit your needs.
  • Landscape mode for alternate viewing.
  • Customize size and color of font for viewing pleasure.
  • Do not disturb button for FlashMe timer when you sleep.
  • Eliminate procrastination!

Take your life back one flash card at a time.

Make time for the important activities and people in your life while achieving your academic goals in the process. FlashMe Cards will change the way you study forever.

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Learnable Planet

Learnable Planet is dedicated to supporting students in maximizing their potential to learn and study with ease and efficiency. Not only do we want to help students globally, but we want to make the world greener and safe for future generations in the process.

Check out our latest invention: FlashMe Cards. This app available for the iPhone and iPad will help save time and allow you to study on the go whether you’re at school, on the bus, out with friends, or at work. With the ability to time flash card pop ups at your own customization, you can say goodbye to procrastination, hello to better grades, and help save the planet in the process.